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Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Hardest Job

I love being a mom. I love it! I love being the one to take care of my kids and knowing what they are learning and being there for every first. I love holding them and comforting them and being their world.

But being a mom is the hardest job.

I can't call in sick. I can't quit. I can't even get a minute to myself these first years. Naptime is the best time because I can think for a second. If I am run down and about to break, it doesn't matter. I have to just keep going. Keep feeding and cleaning it up and trying to lose weight while feeding everyone else what they want. I have to wash the dishes and fold the laundry. I never get to go out alone to Barnes and Noble and get a coffee and read a book. I don't get to have ALONE time even in the bathroom. I haven't finished a project in forever and I haven't had a good nights sleep in 3 years. Sometimes I look at what my passions were before I had kids and they are all going by the wayside because that's what happens when you take on parenthood. It's just all consuming. It's hard being a mom.

Today I am tired and worn out and I need a day off that I won't ever get. But I wouldn't trade being a mom for the world...

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