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Monday, September 20, 2010

In Love

My little girls are beautiful. I'm not just bias because they are mine. They are really beautiful.

We were at some friends house on Saturday night. They have a son, Sonny, who is around 4 years old. He is so cute, a very good looking child. He and Abby took right to each other. They were just two Gap Kids in a pod. It was late so Sonny's mom set up two easy chairs with pillows and blankets and we plunked them in front of the TV while the adults played games. After a few minutes, they were leaning over onto each others chairs. A few minutes later, they were playing baby and daddy and Abby was casually strewn across Sonny's lap, arms around his neck and he had his arm slung around her back holding her and staring into her eyes. It was straight out of an Abercrombie ad. Grr... My first thought was, "What the hell?!" But then, they are toddlers and they have no idea how inappropriate they look. We let it go. It only got crazier throughout the night. We were rolling in our seats as we watched them faun over each other. Abby is in love with that kid. I would have gotten pictures but I was laughing to hard.

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