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Thursday, September 9, 2010

The First Haircut

I believe I have mentioned before that I only really do Abby's hair for two reasons: It get's it out of her face and keeps it out of the mac and cheese, AND everyone compliments me and I get to watch them fawn over how perfect she is and compliment me on getting my kid to sit still. I have to admit, it's getting to where I have to sit on her and wrap my legs around her neck to get her still enough to do stuff sometimes but that's only because she's seen every episode of Clifford the Big Red Dog about 50 times and it has ceased to entertain her.

After having combed out the knotty, tangled mass of fine baby hair for 2.5 years, I'm done. I decided that I really want to get that fine stuff off the bottom so combing will be easier and she won't look like some kid of 19 kids and counting. So Friday we are going in to get some inches cut off. I will probably cry but I will also be relieved. I will post pictures when it's all said and done but don't worry, it won't be short. The hardest part is that when all that newborn hair is gone, all her natural curl will be too. Curlers, irons and all that will become a permanent part of her life if she want's any curl at all.

Ok, I have to go deal with the baby songs toy that I skipping and driving everyone, including the baby, nuts. Have a great day all and send me pics of your kids when they had baby hair.

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