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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Yet another stone?

Unless you see the stone on the ultrasound or the x-ray or whatever looks into your system, or see it come out, you can't tell whether you really have a kidney stone. I'm not sure that this pain I'm experiencing now is a stone although it is intense enough for me to take a pill and go to bed. I have never been so glad that my mother in law was here. She is taking care of me and Andy (he has a cold and has been sleeping it off all day) and Abby. It's crazy to think where we would be she were not here today and for the next week or so.

Believing that this is a kidney stone and being in pain, I have resumed taking drugs every now and then. I have discovered that half a pill is all I need. Remember how I get on drugs. At the ER, they totally gave me two huge pills and I was loopy enough to stand up and swing my hospital issued robe around my head. I took one when I came home. That knocked me flat on my back for the whole morning. This time, I took half a pill and was feeling no pain but I am able to function. One more of these stupid stones and I'm going to die. Really...

Mom has taught Abby her letters, how to sing songs to herself, and she has been helping with the never ending potty training. She does laundry, cleans up and generally makes herself totally indispensable. I hope she never leaves. LOL! Crazy to say that about my mom in law but it's kinda true.

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  1. I am sorry you are sick again....but very glad Janet is there to help. You are one lucky girl to have such a wonderful Mother-in-law.