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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Adventures in Water

So my mom is here and you would think that would totally make everything ok. It does. But she left for a few minutes to get a breather and take a little walk in the beautiful weather we are having and I decided to give Abby some lunch. As I was cleaning up, I heard a drip drip drip down under my sink.

Crap... I open the cupboard and sure enough. Our sink pipes were completely undone and all the water was leaking down into the cupboard. I opened it up, cleaned out all the stuff, and Abby helped me put towels down to clean up the water. I can't use that sink. So I decided I would take a shower but with all the chemicals out and Abby loving to put those bottles in her mouth and suck out whatever is in, and my mom still on her walk, I took Abby in the bathroom with me and put her to brushing her teeth while I showered. Suddenly, I hear her talking, which should NOT be happening if she had the toothbrush still in her mouth. She has gotten into the guest shampoo basket and is pouring out bottles of stolen hotel shampoo all over the toilet she is standing on. She is saying, "Bye bye shoap." I freak out but I'm soaped up and shampooed and as I stand there telling her, "No, don't touch!" in a frantic voice, the shampoo leaks into my eyes and I'm blinded. I feel around for my toddler, get her off the toilet before she slips and falls and gets the next great time travel idea, and get her sitting on the floor. I rinse as fast as possible, get out, clean up the spilled shampoo and just as I am finally getting the discipline thing done with Abby, I hear my mom coming up the stairs. She has missed the whole episode.

Hope she is having a great vacation. LOL!!!

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