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Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentines Nightmare

Andy and I are not big Valentines people. We have always said we love each other and he gets me flowers or something but it's never been a BIG deal for us. This year, with all the issues - me being pregnant, sick, and stressed over the coming events in our lives - I decided to take advantage of the fact that Andy's mom is still here and suck it up and go out on a fancy, expensive date regardless of how cruddy I felt. I drugged myself up on Tylenol Flu and got dressed. We headed out to a new Italian place where the food was fantastic. As I walked through the restaurant to use the bathroom, people were staring at me the whole way, hoping that I would suddenly give birth next to their table. (In their defense, I was holding my stomach and wincing the whole way there and back as the baby was punching me in the bladder and I'm sure I'm going to give birth to Sugar Ray Leonard.) I packed in as much of the food as I could, dealing with the pain of my little boxer using my organs as punching bags, and we headed out to a movie. Thank goodness the theater is right there next to the restaurant. My Tylenol was wearing off as we took our seats. There were VERY few people in the theater which was good as I sniffled and snuffled and tried not to hack up a lung through the whole thing. Once the movie was over, Andy held my hand as I waddled to the car thinking that I will never leave the house again. Last night I coughed so hard, I thought my water would break. Andy slept on the couch. I can't believe our Valentines Day was so miserable but we did get out and I can tell you this, after all that, my husband still loves me. That is the best Valentine's gift any girl can get - the knowing that no matter what kind of seething mass of germs, snot and fat, pregnancy hormones you may become, you have a man who will love you through it all and always be able to help you see the light at the end of the tunnel.


  1. Awww. Andy is a good man. You are blessed you pegnan seething blob of snotted mess that has ne lug hangig out....LOL! What a vision!

  2. I must apologize. You are beautiful. And I can't type....hehehe.