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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Time to Poop (Yes, more bodily functions to blog about)

My husband helps me. Especially now that things are getting a little quieter around the school and he has more time, he really gets in there and does stuff. Like changing diapers. I have never felt like I change more diapers than him. It really is about 50/50 in this house. I never thought this would be a disadvantage.

My 50% of Cates diapers have been pee. I haven't changed a poopy diaper in several days and I thought, "Man, I'm lucky." When I ventured to flaunt my luck to my husband, he remarked that he thought he was lucky because he hadn't changed one in a week. We freaked out. What was happening to the poop? Was a good fairy coming and changing diapers for us or was Cate having some kind of bowel issue? As with all important questions about our young, we turned to Google: a reliable source, I know. So most websites seemed to agree that exclusively breastfed babies will go up to a week without having a bowel movement and this is totally normal. Cate seemed happy. She was putting on weight and she wasn't turning a strange shade of yellow or brown so we just decided to wait it out.

 Those websites did not, however, explain that when your infants body decides to eliminate it's solid waste, there will be a build up and it will explode out of their oh, so tiny diaper onto everything in site. Therefore, when I was holding her today, and I heard those telltale grunts and the passing of gas, I wasn't terribly worried but relieved that my babies body was working properly. That is, I was happy until I noticed the oozing out of the back, front, sides and everywhere. I mean, I have never dealt with such an enormous blow out. I had to change her clothes, my clothes, the diaper changing pad and after that, I used several washcothes and a towel to deal with the bathroom after I bathed her ALL OVER!

Abby never had that. She rarely had a poop leak at all let alone the full garage sale of these proportions. In fact, I had come to believe that when parents complained of these "blow outs," they were either exaggerating or purchasing diapers that were entirely the wrong size. They were not. I am here to tell you that no amount of explanation could have prepared me for what was to come when Cate decided it was time to poop.


  1. Didn't Abby have one right before church once after eating my lentils!!!


  2. Yeah, but it wasn't THIS bad...

  3. I remember my daughter doing that in her high chair in a Chinese Food restaurante. All over the chair, the floor, her, and everywhere. It stunk terrible and I could see people gagging. Our waiter ran out of the building holding his hand over his mouth and his eyes popping out. Dad and I had to clean it all up. Not an experience that I ever want to repeat, EVER!!!