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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Judge Not

I have posted a similar blog earlier on in my parenting experience but this thought continues to ring true regardless. Therefore, I'm reiterating a point: Judge NOT! Lest ye be judged.

It amazes me the idealistic manner I used to look at parenting:
"I'm never going to let my kids watch TV. I'm sure that makes them stupid."

"What the crud is that woman doing? She's yelling at her kid in the middle of the store? Can't she take him out and do that somewhere we don't have to hear it?"

"Is that parent crazy?! If it was me, why I'd...?"

My sister called the other day and asked me what I thought she should do about her little stubborn boy... (I just had to stop typing to go find out what all the crying was about and apparently, Abby's hamper had "eaten" her arm. She wouldn't pull it out although she is perfectly capable and just sat there crying as though she was going to die. I loosed the appendage, let her sit on my lap and wail. She literally stopped screaming mid-cry just to finish chewing and swallowing a goldfish and then continued as though she had never stopped. She was finally comforted by me putting on her princess crown and saying she looked pretty. So I'm back... where was I? Oh, yeah, the stubborn kid...)

So I'm talking to my sister and she is telling me that I'm the genius who said I wasn't going to spank my kids (yes, I did say that) and what did I think she could do because she was going nuts and spanking seemed like the only option. Apparently, he literally runs from her every time she tells him to come over to her. Sounds remarkably like my dog. Seriously, I have no idea.

That whole thing about never letting my kid watch TV... Abby is addicted to Mickey Mouse Playhouse and I don't care. It helps me keep her still while I braid her hair (and the only reason I do that is because you all compliment me so much and it boosts my ego). It helps me get a few extra winks in the morning when the pregnancy is sucking the life out of me.

I might not YELL yet in the middle of the store but there are certainly stern words along the lines of "put that back," "stop touching that," "do you want Mommy to go nuts?"

There is a mite bit of arm grabbing and taking away of toys and pens and SHARPIES!!!

But mostly, there is a giggle that goes through my brain every time I think of how I was going to parent my child and what a crazy person I was to think I could do a better job than "that" woman.

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  1. Callie, you are hilirious. I to have said "when I am a mom I will never...." I think everyone should start their day by say's "Judge Not" The dilema that your sister is having is called "terrible two's". Unfortunetly nobody tells you that can extend into the "terrible 3's". One thing that I have done with my 3yr old is when I want her to do something I make her look directly at me and I kneel to her level or pick her up to mine, then I firmly tell her what is expected of her in a way that she can understand and this method as been the most productive. Tell Casey good luck. To end on a funny note....My mother's menu consisted of two choices: Take it or leave it."
    Buddy Hackett