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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Bring on the Holidays

Today I went grocery shopping. For those that don't know, teachers only get paid once a month so we do this thing where we buy a ton of groceries ($200) and then, as we eat ourselves down, we get down to nubbins like Raman Noodles and peanut butter sandwiches until we get paid again. Well, today was the day of the big grocery shop. I'm proud to say I didn't break the $200 mark today but what did happen was EGG NOG!!! I love egg nog and when it comes to be the day after Halloween, they stock it on the shelves and I'm a happy person for 2 whole months. As soon as New Years passes, there is no more egg nog until the next season. So sad.

I only bought a quarter gallon today but if you had walked into the kitchen at just the right time, you may have seen me sneaking a little swig here and there behind the refrigerator door. I don't know if Abby likes egg nog or not but Andy does not for which I am ecstatic. I can buy egg nog and know that no one will drink it but me. It's all mine. No sharing. I love the holidays.

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