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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Roast Beast

Whenever I see a table set for Christmas dinner, I think of that last seen of Jim Carey's The Grinch and comment to myself, "The Grinch, himself, carved the roast beast."

Watching my daughter eat Christmas dinner, I realized that she loves stuffing. I hate stuffing. Andy doesn't like stuffing... really. He'll eat it. I don't stuff turkey's and my sentiment has been affirmed by the Food Network's Alton Brown. Apparently my mother makes a wonderful stuffing. I don't eat stuffing (on the principle that bread should not be soggy unless it's headed down the disposal) so I couldn't tell you about the quality of her stuffing although there are many people who have informed me that it's the best stuffing they have ever eaten.

I love it when someone tells you that they are going to make something you don't like in a way that will change your mind about the thing you don't like. It will make you love that thing you don't like. For instance, a lady once told me that I would love her version of brussel sprouts (which I abhore!) which she soaked in buttermilk, battered, and deep fried and then dipped in a mayonnaise sauce. I countered that taking the nutritional value out of something by battering, deep frying and slathering with mayo is going to make anything taste good. This did not change my opinion of brussel sprouts but affirmed my love of southern cooking.

I wonder what would happen if you battered and deep fried stuffing... I'm sure Paula Dean would approve.

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