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Thursday, October 29, 2009


Abby wacked her head on the coffee table. Picture this. She's sitting in a dinning chair and goes to slide off only to misjudge the distance to the floor allowing her feet to go under the chair instead of onto the floor and sending her into a front layout ending with her head hitting the table at a high rate of speed. Yes, it was a "Hup! (quick breathy intake)" moment. I actually waited a split second to see what her reaction would be but from her facial expression, I knew the screaming was just being delayed by the fact that she wasn't breathing. I got her in my arms before the wailing began. Huge goose egg...

Today, I decided it was so nice, we had to be outside. Put her in the hammock for a second and let go. Yes, I'm stupid. She tried to get out, flipped around like hammocks do and ended up on the ground, screaming, lip split and goose egg smarting from a blow to the exact same spot...

Abby likes to follow me into any room I go into and the bathroom is no exception. When I decided this evening that it was time for a little privacy, I told her to go out and she turned without looking and hit the goose egg, yet again, on the door post. Let the crying commence. Yes, I can comfort a toddler while using the restroom...

Anyone think she's going to have brain damage?

Tonight, when she got into the halloween candy and ate several Tootsey Rolls, I said nothing. My penance.

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