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Friday, October 30, 2009


Yesterday was the crappiest day ever. Someone treated my husband badly and that makes me angry. I get very defensive of the man I believe to be the most perfect human on earth besides, of course, my child. Disclaimer: When he does things that get him in trouble, I usually just give him a look and walk away. But this time, he didn't do anything and I was feeling the righteous indignation any wife feels on behalf of her lover.

Anyway, I called my mom to unload about the injustice of the world and was going to ease into my tirade with a nice, "How are you?" when I got an earful about the fact that her house had just been burgled. Yes, her family heirloom silver has been taken along with most of the valuable electronics and all the DVD's, CDs and my father's iPod (which I'm not sure was much of a loss as he never really figured out how to use it and his fingers were never the agile, texting tools that most of us have today.)

So I'm listening to her tell me that the police are still at the house and both my parents are in California so it is my sister who is having to take care of all of this when I realize, I haven't told her about what a horrible place the world is for treating my husband like he did them wrong.

"OK, Mom. YOU WIN!!!" I'm over it all.

But what really made me feel better was when I walked back into the house after only leaving 45 minutes before and was greeted by my toddler as though it had been years. She always does this and it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

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