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Thursday, October 29, 2009


Today we begin the real battle of the ladybugs. There is a season here, mainly when it is cold and then warm all in one day (fall), when the ladybugs invade our house. They are in the window boxes, the ceiling, the furniture and dive bombing Abby and I at every turn. The veins on my neck stick out whenever I'm in the living room watching them fly overhead. You may say, "Callie, call the exterminator." Then you don't live here or anywhere there is this particular infestation. These bugs are CRAZY like a termite. You can vacuum them but they just fly out of your vacuum. You can have them sprayed but it does no good. I have started my vacuum battle. I suck them up, run outside with the vacuum, let them all loose and dash back in. No good. They are at the door before me and I carry a load in on my pants, shirt and hair. They are everywhere. The only real solution I have discovered is to freeze them out. They want to be in the heat so when the house warms up with the sun, they come out and start their air attack. I think I might just turn on the air conditioning, get them all in a bunch to get warm, and then suck them up and BURN THEM!!! AHAHHHHAHAHAH!!!!!!! I know, I'm getting nuts. I can't help it.


  1. I feel your pain, my friend, for we have the same infestation issues here in Delaware, where they're somehow a protected insect, and terminators (I mean, exterminators...though, that might not be a bad idea!) won't touch them. I just hope that Abby is beyond the "Ooh, yummy red flying thing, I'll put it in my mouth!" stage. Nothing worse than ladybug breath!

  2. Totally. I hate ladybug breath. Dealt with that all last season. Thank goodness we're on to "Eww... Yucky!"

  3. if you want to find a purpose for your abundance of ladybugs... Hobby Lobby has the cutest little lady bug playgrounds. Barry's grandma got one for Caleb the other day. We trapped a few in there and threw in a raisin and they are just happy as can be. Instant entertainment for my 2 year old!